Fotografihuset AS has become the Fotografihuset Foundation.

From 1st of January 2023, the newly established Stiftelsen Fotografihuset took over all activities from the former Fotografihuset AS. Responsible for the establishment of the new foundation are the two owners of the old joint-stock company.  The joint organization Foto-Norge and the Photographic Foundation Se have long held the ambition to be able to join forces to continue the work with Fotografihuset in the form of an independent foundation. Now the ambition has been realised, and the new foundation’s board, together with daily management and artistic responsibility, is already in full swing with this year’s season at Sukkerbiten and the Pilot Program 2023. The new foundation behind Fotografihuset will continue the collaboration with HAV Eiendom regarding the use of the land at Sukkerbiten in Oslo in 2023. This year we have also been lucky enough to have Oslo Municipality, the Cultural Council and Fritt Ord as financial supporters, which we are both proud of, and very grateful for. We also continue our collaboration with the other players at Sukkerbiten, Oslo Badstuforening and Raffinade. We also have exciting conversations with other partners and look forward to the continuation! The program for the Pilot Program 2023 has been launched and the season opened with the Picture of the year Exhibition in collaboration with Pressefotografenes Klubb on Sunday 12th of March. It then rolls on with exciting and significant exhibitions and activities, which we hope will create the chance for some great engagement for lots of people throughout the 2023 season!

Fotografihusets leadership

The board of the Fotografihuset foundation represents experienced and versatile expertise in both photography and moving images, organization, management, finance, operational and business development of art and cultural institutions.

Artistic leader Karoline Hjorth and CEO Katharine MacDaid are economic, administrative and artisticly responsible for Fotografihuset. They develop the artistic profile of Fotografihuset, and are responsible for exhibitions, events and promotional activities. 

Karoline Hjorth

Artistic direction

Katharine MacDaid

Exhibition manager

Katrine Eltvik

Social media and communication

Kari Margrethe Sabro

Technical exhibition manager

Fotografihuset is being established as Norway's new, international center for photography.

Fotografihuset will show exhibitions with Norwegian and international photographers and become a place where a wide audience can experience the visual and social power of photography, both as an artistic expression and as everyday language.

We hope to be able to establish ourselves in new premises at Sukkerbiten outside the Opera in Oslo in a few years. This will be decided by the Oslo City Council in 2021 or 2022, when they decide whether Sukkerbiten will be used for a combination of cultural buildings and a free area, as the current plan dictates, or whether the entire plot will be a free area.

Read more about Sukkerbiten and the winners of the architectural competition here.

While we wait for the politicians’ report, in 2021 and 2022 we will arrange a pilot program at Sukkerbiten. Read more about the program under exhibitions and events.

Read more about our visions and plans here.


Fotografiuset was established on 28 November 2022 as a foundation: Stiftelsen Fotografihuset.
The organization number for the new foundation is 930 542 881.

The aim of the foundation is to promote the general understanding and commitment to photography as a medium for socially relevant questions and issues, freedom of expression, cultural dissemination, cultural preservation and artistic expression. The foundation shall promote knowledge, commitment and understanding of photography as a socially useful and enlightening form of communication. The foundation is a general foundation that does not have commercial activity as its purpose.

The foundation’s purpose is to be fulfilled by establishing, running and further developing Norway’s new international center for photography in Oslo, the Fotografihuset.

Fotografihuset will show exhibitions with Norwegian and international photographers and become a place where a wide audience can experience the visual and social power of photography, both as artistic expression and as everyday language.

The Fotografihuset should be an arena that can elevate other visual and/or artistic forms of expression in combination with photography. Fotografihuset will be a unifying, national arena for the promotion of all types of photographic genres.

The board of Stiftelsen Fotografihuset 2023​

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