Fotografihusets leadership

Artistic leader Karoline Hjorth and CEO Katharine MacDaid are economic, administrative and artisticly responsible for Fotografihuset. They develop the artistic profile of Fotografihuset, and are responsible for exhibitions, events and promotional activities. 

Karoline Hjorth

Artistic leader

Katharine MacDaid


Fotografihuset is being established as Norway's new, international center for photography.

Fotografihuset will show exhibitions with Norwegian and international photographers and become a place where a wide audience can experience the visual and social power of photography, both as an artistic expression and as everyday language.

We hope to be able to establish ourselves in new premises at Sukkerbiten outside the Opera in Oslo in a few years. This will be decided by the Oslo City Council in 2021 or 2022, when they decide whether Sukkerbiten will be used for a combination of cultural buildings and a free area, as the current plan dictates, or whether the entire plot will be a free area.

Read more about Sukkerbiten and the winners of the architectural competition here.

While we wait for the politicians’ report, in 2021 and 2022 we will arrange a pilot program at Sukkerbiten. Read more about the program under exhibitions and events.

Read more about our visions and plans here.


Fotografihuset is organized as a limited company, owned 50/50 by the two organizations Foto-Norge and Stiftelsen SE.

The purpose of the joint organization Foto-Norge is “to strengthen photography and film in society, through knowledge, understanding and respect”. The member organizations are Norges Fotografforbund, Norske Reklamefotografer, Forbundet Frie Fotografer, Norske Naturfotografer, Norsk Fotohistorisk Forening, Norsk Skolefotoforbund, Institusjonsfotografenes Forening, Norsk Selskap for Fotografi, and Stiftelsen SE .

Stiftelsen Se was established in 2005 to realize the vision of a national Photography House in Oslo. The foundation has an overarching vision to bring “photography to the people – people to the photograph”, and focuses on projects that help to promote photography.


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