Photo: Giulia Mangione / Yellowstone Caldera. USA, 2022.

Giulia Mangione - Crack of Doom

The exhibition is up 26.10.23 – 31.1.24

Welcome to Giulia Mangione’s most comprehensive exhibition in Norway to date; “Crack of Doom”! The Oslo-based Italian photographer explores human’s relationship with the end of the world, catastrophe, and fear of the unknown.

Diary entry, 4th of September 2022. Edgemont, South Dakota, USA:

“I am sitting in the passenger seat of a pick-up truck. Between me and the man driving leans the long barrel of a shotgun. Around us the grass has turned yellow in the dry heat. Scattered in the fields, the bunkers emerge from the ground, their spacious bellies underground. I am alive and you are dead, I think as I drive past the world’s largest survival community.”

There are several deep-rooted beliefs surrounding the end of days. Giulia Mangione went on a photographic roadtrip towards the apocalypse, in search for survivalists, preppers, religious cults, and bunker dwellers. From the Greek island of Patmos, where the Book of Revelation was written, to La Palma in the Canary Islands, and onwards through the west coast of the United States, Mangione explores myths surrounding the apocalypse in an attempt to understand how belonging to a community can make people feel protected from what they dread may happen.

Mangione reflects on society’s collective fear, from the imagined and irrational to the real and logical. Through a personal doomsday narrative based on interviews, portraits, field recordings, and a handwritten journal, Crack of Doom explores how society is preparing to face potentially catastrophic events, but also what scares us all the most – the unknown.

Giulia Mangione (1987) is an artist working with photography, moving images and text to explore the notion of identity and belonging. After an MA in Comparative Literary Studies from Goldsmiths University of London, she earned an MA in Fine Arts from the Art Academy in Bergen and a diploma in Advanced Visual Storytelling from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Århus. Her first book Halfway Mountain (Journal, 2018) was selected for the Prix du Livre at Les Rencontres d’Arles and nominated for MACK First Book Award. In 2023 she was the recipient of the Luigi Ghirri Award. She lives and works in Oslo, Norway, and is part of the collective Norwegian Journal of Photography, which launched its latest edition in October 2023.

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