Hanne's diary, from One day in history (2012). Photo: Andrea Gjestvang.

Between terror and everyday life

Andrea Gjestvang: One day in history. Opening Thursday 15.7.21 18. No registration. The audience is registered on the spot.

Andrea Gjestvang’s portrait series of survivors from the terrorist attack on AUF’s summer camp on Utøya on the 22nd of July 2011 is a classic in recent Norwegian photography. The portraits are simple and powerful, stripped of unnecessary effects. The young people are presented in everyday clothes and surroundings, many in their homes, some in nature or in institutions. Some bear clear scars from what happened, others only bear the memories.

One day in history was first presented in book form in 2012 and coincided with a flowering period for Norwegian documentary photography. A new generation of photographers accepted the criticism of the genre as objective truth, and reclaimed it as subjective expression. These photographs are not an “affirmation of reality,” as Susan Sontag once claimed. They are part of a process where the photographer, the young people and we, as viewers, create a common understanding of the incomprehensible.

One day in history has been shown in many places and won many awards. But the series has never before been shown as a separate exhibition in Norway. When it is shown at Sukkerbiten, in the middle of Oslo’s busiest urban area, it becomes part of an urban landscape and helps to give the Utøya generation a central place in the Norwegian public.

In connection with the exhibition, a seminar will be organized on Thursday the 19th of August. More information to come.

Curator: Jonas Ekeberg.
Opening: Thursday the 15th of July at 18.00. Speech by Jonas Ekeberg, artistic and general manager, Andrea Gjestvang, photographer and Ylva Schwenke, portrait. The exhibition will be opened by Agnes Viljugrein, local politician from the Labor Party and board member of AUF.
Exhibition period: 15/7 – 3/10.

Cathrine (17) from One day in history (2012). Photo: Andrea Gjestvang.
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