Exhibition program for 2023

Photo: Kari Margrethe Sabro

Exhibition program for 2023

26.10 – 31.12

Giulia Mangione – Crack of Doom

There are a variety of deep-rooted beliefs surrounding the apocalypse and the end of days. I am interested in understanding how belonging to a community or a cult can make people feel protected from what they fear may happen. I travelled from the Greek island of Patmos, where the Book of Revelations was written, to La Palma in the Canary Islands, and I took a road trip in the United States.

22.9 – 22.10

All the Whisperings of the World

Siri Ekker Svendsen, Emanuel Cederqvist, Nicolai Howalt, Ori Gersht

All the Whisperings of the World combines four artists who all investigate the relationship between nature as a concept that includes humanity, and nature in its own form, how we explain ourselves through nature and how we seek refuge in it.

17.8 – 17.9

Stephen Gill – Please Notify the Sun

Gill’s experimental technical forays run throughout his three decades of photographic practice and include burying images in the ground, developing negatives in energy drinks, and letting insects walk around inside the camera during shooting. Fotografihuset is now exhibiting excerpts from his three latest photobooks, which stem from Gill’s farewell to London and his first encounters with the Swedish countryside. One of his new neighbours was Karl Ove Knausgård, who has written the texts for Gill’s trilogy from Skåne.

22.6 – 13.8

Gauri Gill – Acts of Appearance

Gauri Gill’s Acts of Appearance portrays the inhabitants of a village in Maharashtra, Western India. The pictures are made in close collaboration with the residents, who use self-produced papier-mâché masks to depict everyday life and visions of the future.

Project room: Kristin Vollset – No Plan

When the itinerant Norwegian street musician Kristin Vollset crashed her van into the wall of one of Dublin’s urban horse farms, a horse and some teenage boys wandered out. The meeting became the starting point for this musical documentary.

28.4 – 18.6

Uncertain States Scandinavia – In the Defense of Love

Uncertain States Scandinavia (USS) is an artist-led project that publishes a free newspaper with a focus on Scandinavian camera-based artists. Fotografihuset has invited USS to ‘take over’ the gallery space at Sukkerbiten, and will produce a special publication to accompany the group exhibition.

Project room: Jorunn Myklebust Syversen – Norway’s visionary

At the same time, filmmaker Jorunn Myklebust Syversen shows the installation Norway’s visionary, inspired by an average “Visjon Norge” broadcast and charismatic Pentecostal churches in Norway.

12.3 – 24.4
Picture of the Year 2022, co-production with the Norwegian Press Photographers Club
The selection of Picture of the Year is the Press Photographers’ Club’s prestigious, annual awarding of the best in Norwegian photo and video journalism. The competition helps to put the very best in documentary photography on the agenda. Picture of the year also helps to create debate and engagement about photojournalism, and helps to set a standard for visual journalism.
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