Mom and Dad with the Wedding Planner, 2008 © Gillian Laub

Gillian Laub: Family Matters + Gunhild Enger: Prematur

The last twenty years, Gillian Laub has been using her camera to document the emotional and political landscape of her own New York-family. Family Matters explores Laubs rising uncomfort about her family’s extravagant lifestyle and worries connected to privileges and family ties – an uncomfort that becomes stronger when Gillian one day finds out her parents are on opposite sides in the most split political campagne and presidentship in newer American history. As the sharp political divide manifests itself between the family’s two wings of supporters and opponents of Trump, Laub’s family emerges as a metaphor for a nation still grappling with polarizing political realities. Ultimately, Family Matters is also a celebration of unwavering familial love in the face of divisive rhetoric.

Family Matters was published by Aperture in 2021, one of the world’s leading and most prestigious photography publishers. The project has received extensive press coverage in, among others, New York Times, Washington Post and Time Magazine, and was recently shown at theInternational Centre of Photography i New York. This is her first exhibition in Norway.

Family Matters is excerpted from an exhibition originated at the International Center of Photography, New York.


Film showing Saturdays and Sundays 13-18
© Gunhild Enger

Parallel to Laub’s exhibition, Gunhild Enger’s short film Premature is shown in Fotografihuset’s project room. Prematur is about Norwegian Martin and his pregnant Spanish girlfriend, Lucia. We get to see the first 15 minutes Lucia spends on Norwegian soil, her first encounter with Norwegian culture and future parents-in-law: a meeting characterized by nervousness, expectations and misunderstandings.

Opening on April 30th at Sukkerbiten, Oslo. Welcome!

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